Individual Technical Mastery

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Individual Technical Development Curriculum:

Developing the technical aspect of a player is key. Clubs do not have time to do this. Clubs focus on developing teams and winning, not developing individual players. We work with players who are committed and want to become the best they can, to achieve their dream. It is important to dream. And every dream comes at a price. Some people have more talent than others. This is the easy part. But developing the habits to enjoy hard work, will carry a lifetime. We focus on the details of the technical development of the players.

This program is for players who are COMMITTED not interested in becoming the best they can be. There is a big difference between the two. Those who are interested in becoming the best and most successful will find any excuse to not do what is needed. When an obstacle comes their way such as a grandmother’s birthday or a birthday party or friends hanging out, homework, tiredness, etc, will elect to not do what is needed and will not go the extra mile to make it ALL happen. A committed person will find any way possible to make it ALL happen. To do what they promised they are going to do. Combining this program with our Personal Leadership course will help players find that edge.

Players will watch the training session and they will perform the drills. They have to listen and focus on the details. We then ask them to upload their training session on the portal to receive feedback from our coaches. We follow this up with Camps to ensure we bring everyone together and ensure we can add more to their bag of goodies.