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Our vision is to build the world’s most powerful learning platform.

What, Why and Who of Pivot

PIVOT helps parents and players create a winning mindset on and off the pitch to achieve their goals together.
If you think the leaders of tomorrow are only born, prepare to be proved wrong! At Pivot we know that greatness can be made, and we’ve combined personal development techniques from the top gurus like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, and Bob Proctor, Richard Bandler, Dale Carnegie, Steve Peters, John Assaraf, Grant Cardone just to name a few with cutting-edge knowledge in Sports Medicine, Genetics, and Neuro-science.
And if that wasn’t enough we’ve partnered with experts from some of the most respected academies in Europe (Ajax Academy, Liverpool Academy, FC Porto Academy and many more…) to bring you the best in soccer education. With Pivot, your child can take their skills and success off the field and onto the world stage.
Picture yourself having a heart-to-heart conversation with your child, diving into their deepest motivations, fears, and aspirations. Imagine learning how you can help them reframe negative experiences and approach challenges with fearlessness. Empowering them to face challenges head-on and view them as exciting opportunities rather than obstacles. All of this from the cozy comfort of home. It’s like teaming up with your offspring to conquer the world, one mindset shift at a time.
With PIVOT, parents and players work together on exercises and assignments to change mindset, gain clarity on their why, set goals like a boss, deal with pressure with grace, while creating a bonding opportunity between parents and their player, and so much more.
You know the saying “treat others how you want to be treated”? Well, throw that out the window because we believe in the Platinum Rule: “treat people as THEY want to be treated”. And the key to doing this? Getting to know the other person – especially when it comes to your child. Once you have a good grasp of who they are, what makes them tick and crack the code on your child’s unique makeup, you’ll be able to successfully influence them. It’s like finding the cheat codes to parenting.

Unlock the secret to success for your child

Imagine if you could tap into the expertise of top youth development coaches and unlock the secret to success for your child. We’re not talking about just improving their skills on the field, but instilling important mental habits that will set them up for lasting success.
But here’s the thing – coaches and parents haven’t always been on the same page. It can feel like there’s a divide between the two groups, and that ultimately hurts the main goal, Player Development.
We’re here to bridge that gap. We offer parents and players the tools and knowledge to focus on mental mastery as the foundation for success. If you’ve ever wondered why your child isn’t seeing consistent results, why they struggle to reach the next level, or why they don’t have the motivation to study, it all comes back to mastering the fundamentals of mental strength.
Ever seen a soccer player completely flub a move they’ve nailed in practice? Or watched a seeminglytalented player never quite make it to the big leagues? It’s all about that game-time strategy, baby. It’s like watching chess – a novice may see a few moves ahead, but a master sees the whole board in 4D and 10 moves ahead. Our Game Tactical Understanding and Individual Match Analysis services provide that exact advantage. Imagine having access to top chess masters to watch your games and give you feedback. Our experts, who analyze matches for professional clubs and players in Europe, offer that same level of insight to help you improve your game – and without having to make any drastic financial sacrifices. It’s like having a secret weapon in your back pocket to help you dominate on the field.s – no organ selling required.

At Pivot, we don't just offer speed and agility training or nutritional advice,

We take it to the next level

Our programs can be tailored to give parents and players even more support and guidance

Picture this: you're watching a match from last weekend on TV with one of our expert

Our expert match analysts, who is pointing out tactical movements in detail

It's like seeing the game through a totally different set of lenses!

But that’s not all – imagine being able to watch your child’s matches with a professional match analyst, analyzing every tactical move in detail. No longer will you just be focused on whether they scored or made a mistake. Instead, you’ll be honing in on their habits, body profile, number of times they looked over their shoulder, and positioning to break lines as opportunities. It’s like having a whole new set of glasses to view their games through. How cool is that?!
Soccer isn’t just about aimlessly passing the ball around or running down the field like a headless chicken. There’s actually a strategic method to the madness! Players need to be smart and strategic, knowing when to pass and when to dribble. That’s where Pivot comes in – it simplifies the decision-making process by teaching players about the four different superiorities they should look for on the pitch. And trust us, there’s nothing random about the game.
Every touch of the ball has to have meaning, every movement calculated. With Pivot, your child will learn when to dribble at a player, when to dribble into space, and even when to jump to defend, when to give cover, or buy some time. It’s time to take the guesswork out of soccer and introduce your child to the scientific approach of Pivot.
For soccer parents and players looking for some personalized guidance, we’ve got your back! Whether you prefer a DIY approach or a more hands-on strategy, our team can help. Want to join a group of motivated individuals for some Master Mind action? Look no further, it is coming! Or maybe you’re after some one-on- one attention for your little Messi or Rapinoe. Our match analyst will dive deep into their strengths and weaknesses to help you determine their ideal position on the pitch. From there, we can offer advice on how to master the mental game or hone in on specific technical and tactical needs. There is no randomness to Pivot!
And yes, we know, it’s a lot. We have turned all this knowledge into one easy-to-use portal, making it possible for anyone to take their abilities to the next level. Whether you’re looking to improve your relationships with your family, or want to become a professional athlete, Pivot can help you get there.

Join us in this life-altering experience

let's PIVOT to a whole new level of success, together!

A strategic change in a business to improve revenue or survive in the market. The Pivot, Pivota, Deep-Lying Midfielder or Regista is the most important position on the pitch that controls the direction and tempo of the game.

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