Individual Match Analysis

Embrace the power of self-reflection and observation to unlock your true potential. This is the secret weapon of not only the world’s top professional players, but also aspiring academy players and anyone seeking genuine improvement.

Individual Match Analysis


This is a special opportunity to have professional game analysts from professional European teams review your game and provide you detailed feedback to help you improve your game. This under discussed aspect of player development is something that every player in professional academies or professional teams uses to develop their skills. 

Who is it for

This is for layers who are working on developing their habits, individual tactical aspect of their game. 

How it should be used

Once you sign up, you will be able to select the Analyst’s level of knowledge that you would require. You will then need to provide a high quality, link to one or two of your matches. These matches must be filmed from above in order for our analysts to be able to compare your player’s actions to the moments of the game. 

Our Instructors

Slawomir Morawski


Juan Delgado


Dimitris Gkoumas


Jorge Peris


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Amount Due : $210
Amount Due : $250
Amount Due : $150
Amount Due : $220