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Explanation of Speed of Play or Individual Tactical Mastery through Developing Soccer Habits-  Developing as an athlete is about developing habits. In this course, we will focus on habits that need to be formed in order for players to continue growing and not plateau. Bad habits along with mental stress and inability to deal with the stresses on and off the pitch are the number one cause of players plateauing. We will focus on the individual aspects of the game. This course combined with match analysis and personal leadership helps players who are playing at the top level and are already technically gifted or have mastered the technical aspect of the game to reach their goals of becoming professional players.  At Pivot, we focus on mastering over 80 soccer habits to turn knowledge into instinct. Who it is for This course if for highly committed players who have mastered their technical aspect of the game and need to learn when and how to use these technically mastered skills at the right place and moment of the match. So many times we see players who have many abilities and they can showcase them in the individual training sessions but they shy away from using these skills or use them at the wrong moments leading to coaches getting frutratated with the players, and end up yelling at them to stop dribbling for instance. Players will learn to master this game moment understanding and turn the technical abilities into instincts and habits.  How it should be used This course should be ideally be taken when player is taking the personal leadership course concurrently or has already taken this course. This course helps players prepare for the next level, going for international tryouts, preparing to play for top level MLSNext or ECNL level teams or working toward getting a college scholarship.